Brain-Train Therapy and Consulting Services provides Speech Pathology services to children and adolescents. We work in partnership with clients and their families to enable them to achieve the best outcomes.

Our specialised and experienced therapists work together with families and other stakeholders to provide support and training in naturalistic environments.

We aim to provide a safe, fun therapy environment to ensure your child enjoys the session and looks forward to coming back!

We have an office in Caulfield. We also offer community-based visits at a venue of your choice such as home, kinder, school; this way others who work with the client (e.g. teacher/aide) are involved in the program.

After-hours and weekend appointments are available.

NEW SERVICE: we now offer Autism Diagnostic Assessments. Click here for more information.

Places are now open for Term 1 Social Skills Groups in 1016. Click here for more information. 

Contact us today to discuss your therapy needs.